Developed and maintained by professional pilots

NavBag was created and is maintained by a team of European short-haul airline pilots and is a practical resource for any European private, commercial or airline pilots or sim enthusiast.

NavBag has comprehensive directories of 4700+ small, medium and large European airports and heliports and 3600+ European navaids (NDB, VOR, TACAN, VORTAC, DME, ILS) as well as ATIS, VOLMET and Comms frequencies.

Comprehensive pre-flight briefing in your pocket

Use NavBag to download METARs, TAFs, Satellite Imagery and synoptic charts (SIGWX, Wind/Temp and MSLP). Downloaded WX is automatically saved for later offline viewing.

Check NOTAMS for your destination and alernates. Browse nearby airports. View satellite imagery of Runway, Taxiway and Apron layouts. Save personal briefing notes for individual airports. All downloaded data is saved for offline use

NavBag Key Features

Six reasons to choose NavBag

1. Airports

NavBag contains a database of 4700+ airports and heliports across Europe from small GA fields to large international airports. Search by ICAO, IATA or airport name or browse by country. Quickly locate the nearest CAT2 or CAT3 alternates. View METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs. Download satellite views of unfamiliar airports or browse comms and navaid information.

2. Weather

NavBag provides rapid access to detailed en-route, destination and alternate weather including METARs, TAFs, real-time METSAT imagery, SIGWX, MSLP and Wind/Temp charts. Timestamps indicate when charts were last refreshed and charts can be downloaded individually (to reduce mobile data costs) or in groups. All data is automatically saved for offline viewing.


Use NavBag to check NOTAMS for your departure, destination and en-route alternates in real time. All downloaded data is saved for offline use. Create, edit and save personal notes or company NOTAMS for display in the briefing page. Use the one-touch refresh option to update all METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs in your favourites list before you depart.

4. Navaids

NavBag contains a database of 3600+ European VOR, TACAN, NDB, ILS and DME stations. Search for a navaid by name or morse ident or enter an ICAO airport code to see all navaids associated with that airport. View type, output power, frequency, morse ident, location and elevation data for any navaid as well as a satellite view of the station.

5. Delay Codes

NavBag includes a comprehensive list of standard IATA delay codes for reporting commercial flight delays. Search by keyword or browse by IATA category: Pax/Baggage, Cargo/Mail, Handling, Technical, Damage, Ops/Crew, Weather, ATC and Miscellaneous. All codes are included in both numeric and alphanumeric format.

6. Briefing

NavBag uses a unique one-page briefing to present key flight information on a single screen. A user-adjustable font size improves text readability and app navigation is intentionally simplified for single-handed operation. Use the one page briefing to consult RWY configuration, METARS, TAFS, NOTAMS and personal briefing notes.

Try before you buy!
Download NavBagLite* free.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase so have made NavBagLite available as a FREE download from the App Store. This means you can try out many* of the great features of NavBag BEFORE you buy.

*Note: NavBagLite does not include NOTAMs, selected Met charts, the ability to save Personal Notes or the One-page briefing feature.


Remember that NavBag is NOT A CERTIFIED SOURCE OF FLIGHT INFORMATION. It is not a substitute for airmanship, common-sense or good judgement. While every effort is made to keep the databases up-to-date, they may contain errors, omissions or out of date information.


All METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs and synoptic charts are provided by third party sources and NavBag cannot guarantee their availability, validity or accuracy. Users must ensure that all downloaded WX and NOTAMs are valid and current before use.


NavBag contains airport and navaid data for the following territories: AD, AL, AT, BA, BE, BG, BY, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FO, FR, GB, GG, GI, GR, HR, HU, IE, IM, IS, IT, JE, LI, LT, LU, LV, MA, MC, MD, ME, MK, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RS, RU, SE, SI, SK, SM, TN, UA, VA, XK.


We use several independent data sources and make every effort to keep our databases up-to-date however occasional errors or omissions can arise. If you discover an error or omission please report it to use so that we can correct it. You can report from within the app or via the contact form below.